Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let's Talk Fitness

Since I have updated the blog, I haven't actually talked about fitness yet, mainly just about my current situations (sorry about that) and I surely haven't posted about food in a long time (to change soon! promise!).

Fitness- Now I am not a personal trainer, I'm not certified in anything, so don't take what I say to heart or a 100% truth it will work for you, help you loose tons of weight or anything. I am just here to inform you on what other trainers I follow are doing, what workouts I do, and how to incorporate exercise into your life. That's it. Nothing crazy, no bootcamps here, no do this and pay me money stuff. Just information. Easy enough.

With the holidays comes a lot of fitness challenges. They are every where. Gyms, Instagram, websites, etc. Very easy to find and most very easy to follow. Some you need to have a basic fitness level, others a more advanced. Here are some fitness challenges I have signed up for:

The purely twins: Be fit. Be you. Holiday Bootcamp (this one has already started)

Natalie Jill Fitness: December free workout calendar

Love Sweat and Fitness: December 12 day Fitmas Challenge (a pop-up should appear for the fitmas challenge)

So I either follow these fitness coaches on Instagram or I have followed them for years for recipes/fitness (the purely twins).

Currently, my workout schedule consists of: cardio, leg day, upper body, and abs. I incorporate them by using different workouts I find (mainly off the Insta) or come up with things myself that I have seen before. I use PopSugar Fitness videos a lot, too. I also use Pinterest a lot too. There are so many great workout options out there. The hard part is the motivation to use them.

You have to want to workout, no one can make you (well they can, but you will hate every minute of it that way). I have loved workout days with friends in the past, I would come with a challenge I saw and we would run around the track a few times. Its great to have a partner. I very often walk with my momma to our town park, I run around it a few laps while she walks, we talk the way there and its awesome. I have even done it with my brothers a few times too. My younger brother and I have done Shaun T's Insanity workouts together, too. I just love exercise. It is my stress release (that and cooking of course) but I have noticed that my optimal time to workout is in the mornings. If I don't I get anxious throughout the day and when I finally do get to workout it's not always the best workout but usually halfway through I get those endorphins and power through. My most optimal workouts happen in the morning after a cup of coffee- so awesome. The caffeine is a natural amp up over taking pre-workouts (which I'm not into at all).

SO, what are you going to do?? Follow some fitness people on Instagram, do one of the challenges I posted, or come up with a routine that works for you? Good luck with what you do choose. I'm actually going to incorporate all three of those links into my workouts because I tend to do 45 minutes to an hour long workouts, so I love incorporating a few different routines into those sessions. Have fun with it!! And lets burn some calories together!!


p.s. the next post will be about food ;]