Saturday, August 14, 2010

First time Welcome!

Hello all those who happen to come across my blog. I just wanted to begin with a Thanks! and Welcome!

So I will soon be sharing my recipes with all of you, once I really learn how this blog stuff works and all.

I hope you stayed tuned because I do have some rather interesting recipes brewing inside my head that I am dying to get out. They will be posted very shortly. (I'm hoping the first to be tomorrow).

I will try to make most of my recipes vegetarian, with vegan tendencies, but I do like cow's milk (I am sorry me and soy milk just do not get along, maybe I have to give it another try, and I have been recommended to try almond milk by several people so that could be a possibility in the future.) And now that I ranted there for a second, sorry, my recipes will either be completely created by me in my little head or some variation of one that I found.

So, please enjoy!


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