Thursday, August 23, 2012

NYC Eats Part 2

I told you I would get back to the city and try another restaruant. Finally I did! This time I tried Cafe Blossom in West Village. Blossom has three different locations in the city, each has a slightly different menu. We walked the Highline and ended up not too far from West Village.

What did I actually eat? We tried the steamed cashew cheese dumplings with tamari plum sauce.
I liked them. It reminded me of perogies. Definitely going to remake something like this. The sauce on the other hand was good, but not sure how much I liked it. It was very strong and the two items paired together didn't really do it for me. Not knocking the restaurant cause I did enjoy the dish, but when I remake it I might try a different sauce. We will see.

For my dinner I had the quinoa salad, field greens, black beans, roasted sweet corn, avocado, bell peppers, spicy red quinoa, poblano chili dressing.
I thought there was going to be more quinoa but I really liked it. The dressing was so good, had a nice heat from the poblano chili. It wasn't to over powering though. I should have gotten something else though, next time.

Since I forced my guy to come with me and eat vegan food, way to be a trooper, he had a "cheese burger" bbq cheese burger, coleslaw, smoked tofu, onion rings, chipotle aioli.

It was good, he liked it too, I think. He could have just been saying that to make me feel good for bringing him there.

We also went to Babycakes bakery and I got carrot cake cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes. One spelt of each and the other their regular gluten free vegan recipe. I wanted to see how my version of things measured up to the bakeries. Let me explain that statement: I have both of their cookbooks and have made some of their cakes and such, like the frosting, and I wanted to see if I am as good as they are. Pretty darn close (if not better haha) just saying. I don't have pictures of these, cause I left them out of the fridge to long and the frosting started to melt so they weren't very pretty but tasted good.

And I don't really have any recipes of my own to share with you today. Usually I do but sorry. Next time... promise!

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