Monday, June 3, 2013

NYC Eats Part 3

Twice in one week... getting my city fix before I can't this summer.

The first trip was to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and we love checking out new places together. She had a groupon for a raw restaurant called Quintessence. The menu was 95% raw food 5% cooked. We split an appetizer, a raw entree, and a cooked dish.

Ravioli combo appetizer with sun dried tomato filling and pesto sauce. They used thin sliced turnips for the ravioli (they weren't over powering the way I thought they would be).

Chick pea socca bread with chipotle "cheese" spread. We couldn't figure out the cheese spread so we could make it again.

Scallion cheese roll. This was so good. It was messy to eat but worth it. And the green sauce was this ginger something that was really good.

Next place I went to was Wild Ginger in Brooklyn. I got the pad-thai.

Not too spicy but had a kick. The bf got pineapple fried rice and pumpkin cheese cake (that was delish, I maybe trying to recreate that at some point, you know me and pumpkin love each other year round), and Miss Ebony wanted her general tsao sauce on brown rice. Cute place, love Brooklyn.

I know I keep promising tons of recipes and things, I swear I will get to them sooner or later, I promise. I am super sorry that I have been incredibly lazy lately. I will change that soon. <3

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