Friday, April 19, 2013

A Few Things

We all know I love pumpkin and can't get enough of it and I like trying new ways to eat it. One day for dinner last week I made a pumpkin and kale quesadilla with my favorite gluten free, brown rice wraps by Food For Life brand. They are super easy to make and yummy. I didn't really take pictures of the whole process in making them because you just spread some canned pumpkin on one side of the wrap, top it with sauteed kale and some cheese (can be any kind you like), fold over the other side and warm them up until the cheese is melted. You can customise it to how ever you like, I added tomatoes one time (wasn't a big fan of the tomatoes in it, they added to much juice and were super hot when trying to eat it) and corn the second time. Also the second time I mixed some cumin and coriander into the pumpkin to add some more flavor.
as you can tell this is with the corn



So I am figuring out my class schedule for next semester and I'm going to be getting up super early pretty much every day. I have been really wanting to get a better blender or magic bullet so I can make fresh smoothies for breakfast this way I can grab and go in the morning. I just need to invest in one soon. But for now I made myself a banana and kale "drink" I guess that's what I can call it or a smoothie for breakfast yesterday. I don't have a juicer so I just blended everything together with some water.  I could have probably used some almond or soy milk instead of water but didn't. It still came out tasting good. Next time I might add some oranges to cut the bitter kale taste but the banana I used was a frozen pretty ripe one so it added some sweetness to the drink. It felt to fresh and healthy and I loved it, so I definitely want to keep at it. Making my own that is instead of buying fresh juice drinks or smoothies cause that is just silliness.
super fresh and green!

Can't wait to plant my garden and start making some great fresh spring and summer dishes =]



  1. What kind of "cheese" do you use? I recently heard about daiya shreds...ever tried them? :)

    1. I used real cheese in mine but yes I have had daiya and it is pretty good. I've used it on pizza and topped chili with it. It melts really great and doesn't have a weird taste or texture. I like it as a cheese alternative.