Sunday, December 12, 2010

Food Glorious Food

Sorry I haven't posted the past couple of days of my "What's For Dinner" updates. I was so hungry one day I even forgot to take a picture of what I ate. The past couple of days have just been busy you know with Christmas fast approaching, but I probably do not have to remind you.  I will be posting the different Christmas Cookies I am going to be baking. This year, hopefully, I am going to veganize some of my families favorite cookies, but I am going to make the original recipes also, because my family would kill me if they were to different than what the love and are use to. So some things yet to come. I promise I will definitely be posting them  because I make some crazy cookies at this time of the year, and most of them are only made at this time.

What's For Dinner?
Thursday, December 9th
This is my favorite burger called Vegetable Masala Burger from Trader Joe's. I have it on a whole wheat wrap with spinach and roasted yellow and orange peppers. With it is a tomato salad. I bought one of those mixed tomato containers, you know the ones with yellow, orange, red, and the green and red tomatoes. To make the salad I mixed soy mayo with pepper, onion powder, oregano, and a little ground coriander. (my favorite spice mix) I ran out of parsley, or else I would have added that as well.

Friday, December 10th
This day I forgot to take a picture before I ate. I was really hungry =] but it was red qunioa with roasted beets and beet greens. Which was a recipe I have posted.

Saturday, December 11th
This was a crazy busy day, so I had made this Medditerian Salad a few days before in anticipation of the crazyness. I make a few different variations of my Medditerian Salad depending on what veggies I have, any cheese, beans, etc. This one has garbanzo beans, roasted zucchini, some of the mixed tomatoes, roasted yellow and orange peppers, black olives, and articoke hearts. I had run out of fresh herbs like parsley and basil, or they would have also been in there. I seasoned it with fresh lemon juice, walnut oil, and black pepper.

Sunday, December 12th
Italian Quesdillas. I sauteed eggplant and yellow peppers with my favorite spice mix. Added some black olives (I eat a lot of black olives, hum) and parsley (I went food shopping today). I am obsessed with sun dried tomato wraps, so that is what they are on along with Sargento's 4 Cheese Italian Blend (reduced fat of course). 


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