Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Roasted Corn is Delicious

If you have never eaten roasted corn, well you are missing out. I came upon roasting corn back at my old job at Cranberry's. One of the cooks roasted it for a soup and that got me thinking, then I roasted it for corn muffins. So I wanted to try it at home. I bought frozen corn kernels and got to work with recipes that contain roasted corn. I did have it once already on a blog with the black bean pasta (Tuesday, December 7th I really enjoy it with melted cheese, the two make an awesome, yummy combo. Don't ask me why, they just do. I like the texture and taste that roasting the corn gives those little kernels. So the latest batch of frozen corn went into a "hash" that I had for dinner the other day, the rest of them are going to be going into a roasted red pepper and corn bisque that I have to create still, it is in the works in my little head though...soon to come.

For now, I just have a few little things I will like to share. First here is the inside of what jicama looks like:
kind of like the inside of an apple, crisp like one too. The taste is different, but hard to describe. Try it. You must remove the skin, I have found this is easily done by cutting it off, not using a peeler. Then you can cut it to how you prefer to eat it and what use you will be having them in.

Here are some fruit that I am recently addicted to: persimmons (the little orange looking tomatoes) and the other is yummy mango-
the inside of a persimmon:
You can add them to fruit salads, bake with them, eat them, anything. They are really good and remind me of dates, in taste. The mango is a francine grown in Haiti. They have a softer texture then the mangoes we are all use to. They are really yummy. I find all of these fruits in Asian food markets because not only are their produce cheaper then chain stores, but they carry so many different types of fruits and veggies that you cannot find any where else. It is a lot of fun to try new things. I first research how o properly eat them and ask others how to before I do and eat anything that will harm me.  So I hope you join me on my food adventure and try some of these things.

What's For Dinner?
Sunday, January 2nd- I was very lazy and made me a salad with carrots, jicama, cucumbers, and tomatoes over spinach, with my favorite ginger dressing.

Monday, January 3rd
My "hash" with roasted corn (seasoned with only salt-pepper-oil), roasted asparagus (salt-pepper-onion powder-coriander-oregano-oil), roasted red and green peppers (same from Saturday- above with cumin), black eyed peas, black olives, tomatoes, parsley, 4 cheese Mexican blend, and guacamole.

Tuesday, January 4th
Roasted veggie parsley salad- butternut squash, sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, white potatoes, parsnips, and mushrooms.

TTFN- thanks tigger!!

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