Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dressing + Lettuce =

A salad silly!

Well in my terms they do, not too sure about yours.

We all I know I really do enjoy a good salad. At the moment I have been eating a lot of roasted veggie salads. They usually contain just fresh greens (mainly baby spinach) and roasted butternut squash and toasted hazelnuts or mix roasted veggies (such as butternut, parsnips, sweet tatos and idaho tatos) and no nuts or maybe nuts (depends on my mood). If I eat one of those salads I don't really add dressing. As of late I have been using salsa as my "dressing" for a salad but that means the salad contains more "taco" like things in it. Such as avocado, beans (my bacon chickpeas usually), roasted corn, black olives, tomatoes and peppers. I do believe I have showed you all one of those salads before. And I have been adding mango to them too.

My talk of salads is due to a few reasons:
1. I haven't really had time to create new recipes to be posting
2. I haven't really been making awesome food blogging food (I really have been eating a lot of the same things over and over like pumpkin falafel, curry roasted parsnips and carrots, roasted veggies, and salads)
3. I really want to start baking and showing those recipes I just haven't had time to yet

So I am sorry for that.

For now all I have for you is a quick salad dressing recipe for you. It contains 3 ingredients! I plan on adding more versions to the mix, I just yet again haven't gotten to it. And I feel horrible that I haven't posted anything in a while. So here:

Tahini Lemon Dressing

1 tablespoon tahini
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
black pepper
black sesame seeds (optional)

Mix the tahini and lemon juice together. Add in the black pepper. If you want, add in the sesame seeds.

Top a salad with it or dip veggies in it. It is a "creamy" dressing and I am not usually one to eat a creamy dressing, but this is different it isn't white. I don't like white creamy food things like mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, ranch dressing, dips that use them, yuck.

There you go, easy right. So I had to make my own dressing because I haven't been able to find my favorite one in the store any more and well salad dressing is easy enough to make. I decided to go with a tahini base because I knew it would add a nice nutty flavor. You could also try any other nut butter instead, I would just use less because it is going to be thicker than the tahini. Some versions I want to try are orange ginger, spicy, spiced, and lime version. The orange ginger will contain fresh oj and fresh ginger instead of lemon juice; the spicy may be tried a few times using smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and cumin, oh and you all know some coriander will be in the mix; and the spiced will have cinnamon and nutmeg, perhaps with a few other spices too. For what type of salad, I haven't gotten that far yet, so when we get there we will see. Maybe with sweet potatoes or something. Yeah, some wheels are turning in this little head of mine...


Coming soon!!!!

They most likely will be containing butter, eggs, milk, Hershey products, so in other words they will not be my normal baked good recipes, but I do have a few veganized healthy cookie ideas. Any one know where I can get natural food coloring from? Plant based?

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