Thursday, May 17, 2012


What is the stuff?
What can you do with it?
Can buy it? Or can I make it?
What does it taste like?
What kind of texture does it have?

And I bet there are endless amounts of questions one can ask about the stuff. The stuff being seitan. I did make it a while back in this post. But now to get to those questions.

Seitan is made from wheat, well gluten to be exact. So those of you who are gluten and wheat free do not eat seitan or anything made with it or you will be in pain later. Vital wheat gluten is what I made my homemade seitan from. I actually used the recipe on the back of the package (I used Bob's Red Mill brand). It is very simple and not to time consuming, like I said in the other post, I believe. Gluten is that chewy texture you get when you eat bread, pizza crust, and other bread like foods (bagels). Gluten is the protein aspect of the bread or other wheat product. So there fore it is used as a meat/protein substitute.

You can do just about anything with it. And flavor it in many different ways. Last time I made just a basic recipe. This time I added fennel seeds to the recipe to give it a more "sausage" like flavor. I really should have added a few other spices as well to give it an even more sausage flavor. Cause I'm not going to lie, out of all the meats that I miss eating a good Italian sausage is probably what I miss the most.

So is there going to be a recipe in this post? Well kinda sort of. I have made the fennel seed seitan but don't have a step by step picture showing of me making it due to the fact that I posted the recipe before. Just add in 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds along with the other spices before you add in the water. Cook it exactly the same way. I made a yummy eggplant sausage roasted red pepper layered dish with some melted cheese. It was yummy. I do have pictures of the process of making that though =]

Eggplant and Seitan

1 baby eggplant, roasted with my usually seasonings and some oil
1 red pepper, roasted over a flame on the stove top  until black then peeled the skin
1/4 cup of reduced fat 4 Italian Blend cheese
1/2 cup or 4 pieces of fennel seed seitan

Preheat the oven (toaster oven) to 400 degrees.

Layer the eggplant on the bottom.

Top with the seitan.

Top that with the roasted red peppers.

Add some cheese, any more eggplant, and more cheese.
Cook until cheese is melted and browned (I do love browned almost burnt cheese).

Oh and Happy Belated Mother's Day!! Yea supper late. I did make my mom her favorite scones for the actual day. But just yesterday I made her some brownies. (Normal not vegan or anything) with dark chocolate m&m's and almond m&m's.

Woohoo... Oh and here are some dark chocolate donuts I made:

I used my carob donut recipe but used Hersey's Special Dark cocoa powder then just topped it with a quick ganache and chocolate sprinkles.

How adorable is this:
mini ketchup!!

Up next I'm thinking some lemon poppy donuts??...

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