Thursday, February 28, 2013


What have I been up to lately... well quite a few recipe fails actually. I have been trying really hard to make something worth posting but recently my tries haven't been worth it. I'm contributing my mishaps to not being in the right mind frame lately. I've been going through some things and just haven't been in a creative mind set, or rather my creative mind set tastes better than the actual items I have been coming up with.

My dinner tonight I thought was going to be a win but not so much. I had a left over baked potato some peppers and tomatoes and thought yum I can mix this all up into a hash like thing (not sure what is up with me and these hash like dishes lately but I'm going with it). The mix of the sweet peppers and tomatoes were just way too sweet for me. I didn't really care for the dish, I ate it all, but didn't really care for it. I had added smoked sweet paprika (the same spice I usually use to make my bacon chick peas) and cumin, but that didn't add or over power the sweetness. The potatoes were yummy though.

Up next I tried to make my own cashew butter. Fail, well not completely. I did make some sort of cashew butter, it just wasn't like store bought. I knew it wasn't going to be, but was sort of hoping it would.
It was good with the banana mixed in with mango and oranges.

I made my yummy banana chia spiced dip like stuff for breakfast with it one day.
At least my bacon chick peas made the dinner better.

Then I tried to make carrot hummus or dip like stuff- nasty!! Do not mix lemon juice and roasted carrots. I couldn't get past the taste of the two. The idea was there, maybe a go back and play with the recipe eventually.
It actually was good with a banana, oh and thanks Ebony for my new awesome mug!!

So I wanted to try and make peanut butter crackers or my own peanut butter puffins. Fail, they just weren't peanut buttery enough for me. They were good though, I will try to make these again maybe with actual peanut butter. I mixed powdered peanut butter with garbanzo flour and caraway seeds. It was good just not up to par. So powdered peanut butter? What? Yea most grocery stores are carrying it now. Just mix water with the recommended amount (like a tablespoon I believe) and you get a lower fat/ low cal peanut butter. I just wanted it to use a peanut flour because I have been trying to find it and can't, guess I have to buy it online. I see all these blog people using it and I want some!! Any suggestions where to find some? Thanks.

One good thing I did end up making was a pumpkin cake thing. Just nix the coconut (I only have huge flaked coconut and tried to grind it smaller, not so tasty in the cake, maybe toasted it will be better). It was just a pumpkin spice cake.

One win, so not total fails. I'm going to be trying harder, promise.

Can't believe it's going to be March, spring break right around the corner! What to do? Spring cleaning!!

Until I make something recipe worth posting <3

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